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Bigg Boss Tamil 6 Contestant Dhanalakshmi Biography And Photos

Bigg Boss Tamil 6 Contestant Dhanalakshmi

Dhanalakshmi, famous for her TikTok and Instagram reels, has been chosen as one of the commoners in Bigg Boss Tamil 6. After her appearance inside the Bigg Boss House, viewers are curious to know who Bigg Boss Tamil Dhanalakshmi is.

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Dhanalakshmi hails from Erode district and is 21 years old. She likes acting, and that is how she gained attention. On Instagram, she acted like Kanchana and gave a realistic performance. She also presented many other characters. Dhanalakshmi has over 96,000 followers on Instagram. Dhanalakshmi's fans are congratulating her for her participation in Bigg Boss.