Bigg Boss Tamil 6: Sheriina Eviction Has Disappointed Her Fans

Image Credit: Bigg Boss 6 Vijay Television
Image Credit: Bigg Boss 6 Vijay Television

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 is being forwarded successfully, with lots of interesting content. Even with the absence of GP Muthu, the show is gaining attention among youngsters.

In the last weekly episodes, Shanthi and Asal Kolaar got evicted. Most viewers expected Azeem to get evicted, but unexpectedly, Asal got evicted. His eviction was a great loss to Nivashini. She thought that he got evicted because of their relationship.

In the last week's Bigg Boss show, the contestants played briskly in this TV task, adding more interest to the fans. Most of the contestant's talents were showcased and appreciated widely on social media. 

Ayesha Azeem, Kathiravan, Sheriina and Vikraman have been nominated for elimination in Bigg Boss this week. In this case, Sherina has been evicted from Bigg Boss house. This eviction was highly expected because the audience noticed many negatives from Sheriina's side.