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Bigg Boss Tamil 6: Shivin To Go Evicted? Hashtag Azeem Clown Go Trend

Bigg Boss Season 6

Bigg Boss Tamil 6 is progressing to the final episodes, and a few audiences are still wondering why Azeem is still inside the house. This question was raised after the rumour surfaced saying that Shivin would get evicted this week.

Bigg Boss Tamil 6 started with 21 contestants. Among them, 13 contestants were evicted, and GP Muthu walked out of Bigg Boss for personal reasons. ADK, Amuthavanan, Azeem, Kathirravan, Nandhini, Shivin and Vikraman are still fighting for the title. Amuthvanan won the ticket to the finale and is now the finalist.

Contestants currently in the Bigg Boss house are the strong players, especially Vikraman, Shivin, Rachitha and Azeem. Rachitha gave her full effort to win the TTF, but unfortunately, he failed. This made her fans feel sad for her.

In this situation, Bigg Boss Tamil 6 viewers are curious to know who will get evicted this week. Most of the guess falls on Shivin based on the rumour. At the same time, hashtag Azeem Clown is trending on Twitter for not accepting the title Cringe given to him by Vikraman. 

Azeem's activities are disliked by many and also admired by many. Now the question has been raised of Why Azeem is still inside the house even after doing many hateful activities? This has made Azeem fans angry.