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Bigg Boss Tamil 6 Winner: Celebrities Votes Falls For This Contestant?

Bigg Boss Season 6

Bigg Boss Season 6 is running successfully and has come to an end. All three finalists this season have thanked their fans and asked them to vote for them.

The fact that they have asked to vote for them today while the voting has already ended yesterday has raised questions among the fans. All three finalists are strong contestants. This arises questions about who will become the title winner of Bigg Boss Season 6.

As Bigg Boss Tamil season 6 is about to end tomorrow, only three contestants Vikraman, Azeem and Shivin have entered the final stage of this season. The unpredictable question of who will win the title from the beginning has been raised among the fans.

Vikraman and Azeem have an equal fan base on social media. Azeem fans and Vikraman fans are battling on social media on the topic of who will be the Bigg Boss Season 6 Tamil winner. Shivin is also an equally deserving contestant to take the title.

Today's first promo has been released. Already usually Saturday's episode means Kamal Haasan's entry will be released in the first promo. That too in the afternoon, but today, the promo is released in the morning. At that time the three contestants inside thanked the public for voting and supporting them so far and making it to the final stage. Not only that, but they also request the fans to vote for them to continue winning.

But the final polling of this week ended yesterday as the voting system is only from Monday to Friday every week. In this situation, they are happily talking to the fans asking for votes in the promo from today. 

Some more fans are commenting that Vikraman is the title winner this season already based on the votes yesterday, but his fans are also commenting that Azeem is the title winner.

In this situation, Shivin is getting more fans and appreciation and support from celebrities. At the same time, Vikraman is getting support from his fans, celebrities and political figures. Azeem is enjoying immense support from his fans.