Bigg Boss Tamil House got Nattamai Cheran and Minor Saravanan

Bigg Boss Tamil House got Nattamai Cheran and Minor Saravanan
Bigg Boss Tamil House got Nattamai Cheran and Minor Saravanan

Bigg boss house splits into two on the 29th day amid the continuance of love comments of Sakshi and team.

The first two promos indicate a clear cut split in the big boss 3 house. The third promo promises the love of Kavin and Sakshi, either real or fake continuing. The best part of today may be seeing the contestants dressed in traditional Tamil dress.

Nattamai Cheran and Minor Saravanan ready for fight:

The first promo shows Cheran in the Nattamai get up and Saravanan in the Minor getup. Also, there were funny scenes of Meera being hugged by Saravanan and Meera been given a hand massage by Sherin. 

Though it could be the task, it still is a beautiful scene to watch. It seems that the house is divided into two villages.  One of the villagers is visiting the other one and being treated kindly.

Meera starts the fight once again with Cheran:

The second promo brings what is best to big boss 3.  As usual, Meera starts her fight with Cheran saying no one should shout. To that Cheran retorts that for a task to be completed it is necessary and the contestants are bound to take them sportive.

But Meera seems to be not convinced and joins with Saravanan.  Maybe this task will flare up the already fighting contestants to form into a new set of teams. Most probably one is set to form with Cheran and another with Saravana. 

Kavin is the love meddle of Sakshi and co:

The third promo is, as usual, is the love flirting of Sakshi to Kavin.  The excellent part is Kavin seems to be as quiet as possible being nominated for this eviction.

But Sakshi and team are not going to let him be so and drag him into the trouble again.  When Kavin was choosing his dress incomes Sakshi amid comments of “you too Kavin” are heard.

It is because Kavin was about to choose a full black dress and Sakshi is already wearing a black dress.  Also, further comments of bringing back Kavin into the love meddle seems to be the purpose of Sakshi and team.

What Cheran does to solve the task issue and how Kavin escapes the love meddle of Sakshi & co.

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