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Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6: Public Can Participate, No Star Title Needed

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6

After the successful completion of Bigg Boss Season 5, Vijay television is now stepping into Bigg Boss Season 6 with many surprises and events. Bigg Boss Tamil 6 contestants need no star title or do not want to be a celebrity; rather, it is open to all. It is officially confirmed, and the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 Promo is out.

Bigg Boss Season 6 promo reveals that the public can participate in this season. If you need to participate in this Bigg Boss season 6, you must log in to VIJAY.STARTV.COM and upload a video stating the reason for what purpose you need to participate in Bigg Boss Season 6. The qualification to enter the new Bigg Boss Season 6 house is simple.

It's time for the common people to become a celebrity by being honest and capturing the viewers' hearts. Since the star title nor any celebrity identity is needed, anyone can participate and become a star in Bigg Boss Season 6 by expressing all talents.