Bigg Boss Telugu 4 and Hindi 14 new promos rocks the internet

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 new promos rocks the internet
Bigg Boss Telugu 4 new promos rocks the internet

On Independence Day, the Telugu people enjoyed the new promo of Bigg Boss 4 with more than 1,600,000 views until today, August 17 morning. Three generations Nagarjuna makes the promo not to miss like the show.

For Bigg Boss Hindi 14, Salman sitting in an empty theatre with popcorn. gives fitting answers to the questions raised by the coronavirus. Both these new promos are creating rage in internet like never before for the Bigg Boss reality shows in India.

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 promo rocks the internet

Nagarjuna in three get-ups representing three generations are the highlight of new promo released by Star Ma on August 15. The younger and the older Nagarjunas are viewing the world with their binoculars and making comments on love proposals and others.

The middle-aged Nagarjuna enters the scene to hear more of family entertainment happening in all households between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

But the middle-aged Nagarjuna confirms them of better entertainment with Bigg Boss 4 Telugu alleged to be released in September. The promo is an instant hit for the entertainment starved Telugu people and will be the best independence day gift.

Salman does it again in Bigg Boss Hindi 14 new promo

Photos of Salman in his farmhouse and mopping the room and others were doing the rounds for the Bigg Boss Hindi 14. The first promo of Salman transforming from a farmer into a clean-shaven host saying the scene will change now is followed by another great promo now.

But yesterday, August 16, Colors TV released the new promo wherein Salman addresses the burning question of Coronavirus closing theatres and stopping entertainment to people. He says that the Bigg Boss 4 will not only answer the questions raised by the deadly virus but also will make people celebrate it.

The Hindi 14 version is alleged to start after the end of the Khatron Ki Khiladi-Made in India. These two promos of Bigg Boss reality show is widely viewed by the people to show their interest in watching this most successful reality show in the world even during these worst corona crisis times.