Bigg Boss Ultimate Confirmed Contestant List Include Vanitha And Julie

Bigg Boss Ultimate Contestants
Bigg Boss Ultimate Contestants

Bigg Boss Ultimate is underway to entertain the viewers with favourite contestants. The updates are coming out every day with interesting names and tasks. Bigg Boss Ultimate will begin on January 30 at 6.30 pm in Disney plus Hotstar. The armies are yet to start as the meme creators are ready to showcase their talents.

Vijay TV's entertainment show Big Boss has successfully completed five seasons and is now a new venture to air the Big Boss show 24 hours a day on OTT. So fans are eagerly waiting to see the Big Boss Ultimate show airing live. It is expected that this show will receive a good response from the audience.

Few Bigg Boss season was not that interesting, and few failed to fulfil the audience's expectations. The contestants were not as interesting as the viewers wished, and the episodes went boring. Instead of fielding new contestants on the Big Boss Ultimate show, they are looking to pick the most interesting contestants from the five seasons that have already taken place and put them back on the Big Boss Ultimate.

So far, it is expected that 16 contestants, including Oviya, Julie, Barani, Snehan, Suja Varunee, Sharik, Balaji, Vanitha, Abirami, Sherin, Bala, Anitha Sampath, have been selected to participate in this show. Sudden rumour has sprouted out, saying that Oviya is sick and so she will join the show late. This has disappointed her fans and armies.

Bigg Boss fans are eagerly waiting to see Vanitha, Oviya and Julie activities inside the Bigg Boss house. Bigg Boss Season 1 and Bigg Boss Season 3 are considered the best season so far, with more interesting content. And the contestants' names that are aired so far are interesting, and the fans expect the mentioned contestant names to be in Bigg Boss Ultimate.

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