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Bigg Boss Ultimate Tamil New Host Simbu Promo Released

Bigg Boss Ultimate

The most waited for Bigg Boss Ultimate Promo starring Silambarasan STR is released. And now it is officially confirmed that actor Simbu will host Bigg Boss Ultimate for the rest of the days. The Bigg Boss Ultimate Promo is come out super cool with the charming face of actor Simbu.

Bigg Boss Ultimate 24X7 is live on Disney Plus Hotstar and is a new kind of reality show brought by the Bigg Boss team following the success of five seasons of Bigg Boss. This Bigg Boss Ultimate will be telecasted live, and the exactness will be telecasted on screen. This reality show gathered more responses than expected.

The Bigg Boss Ultimate Contestants are Balaji Murugadoss, Julie, Snehan, Suja Varunee, Shariq Khan, Balaji, Niroop Nandakumar, Vanitha Vijaykumar, Abhirami Venkatachalam, Anitha Sampath, Suresh Chakravarthy, Abhinay and Thamarai Selvi. Contestants Suresh Chakravarthy, Abhinay, Shariq, Suja Varunee, were evicted from the Bigg Boss Ultimate show.

Actor Kamal Haasan was hosting the Bigg Boss Ultimate show, and due to valid reasons, he said that he is quitting the show as a host. This was shocking news to the Bigg Boss viewers. At the same time, it arose a question on who will be the next host. Most Bigg Boss viewers expected Ramya Krishnan to be the next host for Bigg Boss Ultimate as she was hosting the Bigg Boss Season 5 when actor Kamal was tested covid positive.

To shock, actor Simbu is going to be the host, and it is confirmed officially. Disney Plus Hotstar releases the promo. Simbu looks handsome and charming as well, always in the promo. The new promo is receiving a good reaction from the fan's side.

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