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Bigg Boss Winner Azeem Spoke About PR Team And Aram In A Interview

Bigg Boss Azeem And Vanitha

Bigg Boss Season 6 was aired on Vijay Television and it was well received by the audience.  21 contestants participated in season 6 in which Shivin, Vikramn and Azeem were the finalists. Azeem won the Bigg Bos Title followed by Vikraman and Sivin who were second and third respectively. 

Azeem, who won the first title, was awarded a prize of Rs 50 lakh. Also, he was given a brand-new Maruti car as a special gift. But not all of the Bigg Boss audience was happy with the winner because few wanted Vikramna to win.

In this situation, Azeem, who came live for the first time after Bigg Boss, shared much information with the fans in the video. He said, “Even when he was in the Bigg Boss house, he said that he liked Manikandan a lot.

Azeem, who came out with the title from the Bigg Boss show, did not give any interview even after a week since the Bigg Boss ended. In this condition, he has been giving many interviews for the past few days. 

He was recently interviewed by a private channel by Ayyappan Ramasamy. The interview video is currently going viral on social media. There he shared a lot of information about his Bigg Boss experiences and what happened inside the Bigg Boss house. 

The interviewers asked, is it true that you had a PR team behind your success? Aseem was also answering it. Azeem said, "Yes, the PR team worked for me. Every person who voted for me is a PR team. While interviewing the beach, an older sister said that I like Aseem, she is a PR. Every person who voted for me is a PR for me. Every person who appreciates my honesty is my PR." He said fervently.

Speaking further, he said that only the public made him successful and he felt that success cannot be achieved through a PR team. Talking about this, he said, "Through PR, one and a half portion can spread good things. Similarly, another portion can spread wrong things. But, it is not possible to win by hiding it. I won because of people's votes."

In this interview, Azeem has given answers to all the questions. He even spoke with the hashtag Abuser Azeem. He also shared his opinion on Aram, Boomer Vikraman and Makkal Nayagan.