Billa 2: Top Trending in Twitter 7YearsOfBilla2 David Billa

Billa 2: Top Trending in Twitter
Billa 2: Top Trending in Twitter

Billa 2 is the prequel to Billa

Billa 2, Thala Ajith Kumar acted with a mass action thriller movie by Chakri Tolete Director. Usually, movies get a sequel after 1st part, but Thala Ajith trend was an entirely different style. Billa 2 is Prequel to Billa part one - Strong story of how ordinary man become power Done David Billa !!!

It's not an ordinary story just usual commercial script, Billa 2 shows real Action thriller were each scene sketched adequately to fit in stylish fast-track action.

#7YearsOfBilla2 Hashtag Top Trending

It's almost seven years over and Thala Ajith fans celebrating in twitter and gone viral to Top position with hashtag #7YearsOfBilla2. Every single minute fans tweeting about Billa 2 movie famous dialogues and smashed internet.

Many audiences used to say Billa part 1 was Fun Action Entertainer but Billa 2 typically Powerpak Action movie were they enjoyed Thala Ajith style and powerful dialogues like " En vaazhkaila ovvoru naalum, ovvoru nimishamum, yen ovvoru nodiyum.. naana sethukanuthu ".

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