BTS first English Album 'Dynamite' tops iChart Perfect all-kill and Billboard Top 100

BTS first English Album Dynamite
BTS first English Album Dynamite

The KPop Bangtan boys released their first English language single Dynamite, and the album gets its approval beyond KPop and BTS Army.

Yes, the iChart certified 'Dynamite' single as Perfect all-kill with the song beating high in all platforms like Melon, Daily, Vibes, Flo, iChart, Genie, and Bugs. Moreover, surveys reveal that the Dynamite is going to hit the Billboard top 100 this week undoubtedly.

With the fame and top ranking of the new album Dynamite on one side, BTS Army Jin fans questioned Big Hit Entertainment with a protest truck about the low screen performance and appearance time for Jin in the album. The truck comprised the upcoming message, "We want our request to be heard as fans of Kim Seokjin to give him opportunities to utilize his talents properly."

The Army also complained about Jin's unclear voice and his limited portions in the EDM version of the song released this week. Many fans seek justice for Jin, claiming that BTS is 7, and equal importance must be given to all the performers. However, some fans claim that this volunteer cornering might make Jin upset.

Besides all, the one year long BTS Army harassment to Indian Singer Neha Bhasin regarding her statement and opinion on BTS music is still an unending crisis.

The singer lodged a complaint on behalf of her parents, stating that she cannot handle it with patience anymore as the BTS Army fans have already crossed the limits. Neha also added that several sexual threats are on her way for about a year, and the fans are forcing her to make an apology regarding her opinion on BTS KPop music.

The sad fact in the harassment is the children involved in cyber assaulting via the Youtube channel's comments section as I'm a Youtube artist.