Bujji At Anupatti Tamil Movie Review: A Good Watch For Children

Bujji At Anupatti Movie Review
Bujji At Anupatti Movie Review

'Bujji At Anupatti' Movie with a good storyline impresses the audience and gets moderate reviews from the fans. The movie is a good family entertainer and a must-watch movie for pet animal lovers.

Bujji At Anupatti Movie Plot:

The movie tells the story of two young siblings, Saravanan and Durga, who live in a village. Their father struggles with alcoholism, leaving their mother to take care of the family. One day, Durga discovers an abandoned goat, and the siblings decide to adopt it, naming it Bujji. The children grow very fond of Bujji, especially Durga.

In this situation, their alcoholic father sells the goat for money, putting the children in misery. To rescue their goat Bujji, the children leave their village. Will they be able to save Bujji?

Bujji At Anupatti Movie Review:

Bujji At Anupatti is a simple and realistic movie, unlike unbelievable action movies. The film depicts a simple family and the problems they face. It also portrays the pure love that humans can show towards their pet animals and highlights the innocence of children.

The movie's soundtrack and background music are excellent and enjoyable to listen to. The song "Bujji" in the movie is particularly captivating and effectively captures the audience's attention. The actors in the movie delivered strong performances, and the child artists showcased their impressive acting skills, adding depth to the film.

Bujji At Anupatti lacks in the area of pacing and is slightly dragging. Considering this is a low-budget movie, it still is presented well. 

Bujji At Anupatti Movie Cast And Crew:

The movie Bujji At Anupatti features Kamalkumar, Nakkalites Vaitheeswari, Karthik Vijay, Pranithi Sivasankaran, Nakkalites Ramkumar, Nakkalites Meena, Varatharajan, and Lavanya Kanmani. The movie was written and directed by Raam Kandasamy and produced by Ku Karthik. The music composer for the movie is Karthik Raja.

Similar Movies:

The children and their love for their pets always get a good reception from the Tamil audiences. There are other movies with a similar concept, where children struggle to take care of their pets. Some of these movies are listed below.

  • Sevappi (2024)
  • Oh My Dog (2022)
  • Mughizh (2021)
  • Saivam (2014)

Sevappi Movie:

Bujji At Anupatti movie reminds the film "Sevappi" (2024), in which an innocent young boy considers a baby hen as his own child and showers it with love and care. The boy also loses the hen and goes on a search for it. The movie was simple and good to watch. 

Bujji At Anupatti and Sevappi movies are so similar in their character build, emotion, and background but the plot is different. Leaving the small flaws in the movie, it is a must-watch with a good message. 

Watch the movie Bujji At Anupatti in theatres for a good experience. It would be a good entertainment film for children.