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Byri Tamil Full Movie Starring Meghana Ellen and Syed Majeed Review

Byri Movie

Byri, a Tamil movie starring Meghana Ellen, Syed Majeed, John Glady, Ramesh Arumugam, Saranya Ravichandran, and Viji Sekar, is an action thriller that is setting competitor for the other movies releasing today from February 23, 2024. This movie has received a good response from youngsters around rural areas.

Plot Story of Byri

Rajalingam (Syed) is the lead who is a college dropout and the son of a newly widowed mother. He is also immensely sad about his father's demise and has started to race pigeons. He aims to beat Ramesh Pannayar, another pigeon racer with a good record. The hero also gained the enmity of Suyambu, who is a gangster in the city.

Byri Movie Review:

The movie's plot is based on the pigeon race, which has been happening in the Nagercoil district for many years. The movie's story is told in the infamous Villu Paatu way, which also gets attention from rural areas of Tamil Nadu.

The movie was well portrayed, and the detailing of the pigeon race is also impressive. Though the first half was a bit slow, the second half will make you sit on the edge of your seat. The climax was very interesting, giving leads to Part 2 of the movie. And the background score by Arun Raj adds goosebumps during the action sequences.

Byri Cast And Crew:

Byri Tamil movie will be well received among pigeon lovers as it centres on the pigeon race. Most youngsters from the Thanjavur district will enjoy this film. The movie stars Meghana Ellen, Syed Majeed, John Glady, Ramesh Arumugam, Saranya Ravichandran, and Viji Sekar in the lead. Directed by John Glady, the film was produced by V Durai Raj. Arun Raj composed the music for this film.