Captain Vijayakanth Appearance on The GOAT Using AI Confirmed

Actor Vijay And Vijayakanth
Actor Vijay And Vijayakanth

The late actor and politician Vijayakanth is to be featured in the movie The G.O.A.T using AI. The news made both actor's fans thrilled and excited for the Movie The G.O.A.T release.

Actor Vijay has a special bond with actor Vijayakanth, who was fondly called by fans as Captain. After many pessimistic reviews for his debut movie, Vijay's 'Sendoorapandi' second movie was a huge success with the help of the actor Vijayakanth.

Premalatha, the Wife of late actor and politician Vijayakanth, confirms the appearance of Vijayakanth using the AI in the movie The G.O.A.T in an interview. She mentions Vijayakanth loved and respected actor Vijay and his father, S.A. Chandrasekhar, with whom he has worked in 17 films.

Premalatha said in the interview, "Captain always respected Vijay and his father, SA Chandrasekhar. He worked with SA Chandrasekhar on 17 films. If the Captain were alive, he wouldn’t refuse".

Premalatha mentions Venkat Prabhu's visit to her family to ask permission to feature the AI version of Vijayakanth in the Movie. She tells the director that her family has a long-standing connection with musician Ilaiyaraaja's family and that she cannot decline either Vijay or Venkat Prabhu.

The appearance of Vijayakanth using AI made the fans even more excited about the Movie The G.O.A.T, which is set to release on September 5.