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Chaitra Tamil Movie Starring Yashika Aannand Full Movie Review

Chaitra Movie

Chaitra Tamil movie starring Actress Yashika Aannand has been released in theatres today. The movie is receiving an average response from the audience.

Actress Yashika Aannand gained many fans after her appearance in the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2. After a long break following the car accident, she started to appear in films as the lead actress.

Following that, her movie Chaitra has been released in theatres today. Mars Productions produced the movie. Chaitra Tamil movie stars Yashika Aannand as the lead of the story. Apart from her, Vitej Reddy, Shakthi Mahendra, Pooja, Ramanan, Kannan, Lewis, Mossakutty and many others have acted in this film. Music is composed by Prabhakaran Meiyappan, and Sathish Kumar handles the cinematography. 

The story of the Chaitra film takes place in Kanyakumari. At the beginning of the film, Yashika Anand attempts suicide from the terrace. In that flashback, Yashika's friend and her friend die in a road accident, causing Yashika to develop a mental illness. Her husband also takes her to the hospital. 

However, Chaitra (Yashika Aannand) often goes to the terrace. Since it is a ghost film, the ghost tells about the injustices done to her in flashbacks and what happens after this is the story of Chaitra.

When we look into the performance, Yashika has done better in this film. All the characters have done justice to their role. Yashika Aannand fans will enjoy this movie for sure.

To have a good experience watching this horror movie, watch Chaitra Tamil movies in theatres with family and friends.