Chili nomination process in Bigg Boss Tamil, Tharshan and Losliya Saves Who?

Chili nomination process in Bigg Boss Tamil
Chili nomination process in Bigg Boss Tamil

Chili Bigg boss 3 Tamil show nomination process changed today

The weekly contestant nomination for elimination process in Bigg boss 3 Tamil show has been changed from today. Normally it is used to open and closed nomination so far in the show. The closed one is where the contestant goes into the room and nominates the person he or she wants to be eliminated that week. In the open one, the contestant has to nominate the ones to be eliminated in front of all the contestants. 

But today is the penultimate week before the grand finale, and Bigg Boss has introduced a new kind of elimination process in the Bigg boss 3 Tamil house today. Contestants are sure to cry a lot because of this type of elimination. They will find it hard to digest and also to swallow this elimination process. Even for those who watch it have to feel uncomfortable with this new elimination process announced by Bigg Boss today. 

Chili nomination process in Bigg Boss Tamil, Tharshan and Losliya Saves Who?

Okay, enough of the hype, what is the elimination process announced by Bigg boss today in the Bigg boss 3 Tamil show?

The contestants are asked to come into the room, and Bigg boss asks them one by one, of whom they want to save. With only six contestants left, they have to choose either one or more of their favorite contestants to continue in the show. But there is a tough task to do, to save their dear and liked contestants. For every contestant they want to save, they have to each one raw green chilly fully. If they are opting to save one more contestant, they have to eat one more of it. It seems to be nice sacrifice saving, which only the brave and one with strong stomach could do and digest it.

Tharshan, the Rajini of Sivaji

Tharshan who was called first to choose the contestant of his choice to stay in the Bigg boss 3 Tamil show chooses, correct your guess is correct. It is Sherin. He eats the green chilly happily. For the next person, he recommends Sandy master and eats one more chili. But did he rush to the restroom like Rajini in Sivaji is now shown. Next comes Losliya who is threatened by Bigg boss to eat it seriously, when she says she wants to save, correct you guessed it correct, Kavin. But when asked to eat the green chilly, she is nearly in tears. 

Did she eat and prove her affection to Kavin and what others did with the green chili, and later in the restroom, to know all of it,  watch big boss 3 Tamil show today.

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