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Cooku With Comali 5: Singer Deva Eliminated Left Zoya Crying

Cooku With Comali Season 5

Cooku With Comali faced the elimination round last week and said goodbye to music director Deva. The viewers are sad about the departure of Srikanth Deva from the show Cook with Comali.

Cooku With Comali Season 5:

Cooku with Comali is a fun-filled, successful cooking comedy following its four seasons. This week, the Cooku with Comali faces an elimination round, and that makes one of the cooks leave the show eventually.

In Cook with Comali, a comali joins a cook by pairing and continues with multiple tasks, which makes the Cook and comali struggle to complete the given cooking task. The show with a major fan following starts to get moderate reviews among the fans.

Cooku With Comali Season 5 Tasks:


Cooku With Comali last week introduces a special guest Radha, a Tamil famous actor who seems to enjoy the show along with the cooks and comalis.

Cooku With Comali starts with the fun task for the advantage round with an egg challenge where they have to make a half-boiled egg with an iron box. The task was fun and the contestants were struggling to make a perfect half-boiled egg. In the end, Irfan and Pugazh won the advantage task of the elimination round. 

The show continued its main task with chicken as a main ingredient and they provided a disturbance by placing a big ball between the Cooku and comali which they should balance and continue cooking without dropping the ball. As usual, the show was filled with jokes and comali's tried their best to cook following the Cook's advice. 

Cooku With Comali Highlights:


Last week, Cooku with Comali Season 5 cooks were given a different task where the cooks had to catch the chickens themselves to cook and that part of the show turned intriguing as the contestants were struggling to catch the chicken.

Comalis were disguised as movie characters in the episodes and Kureshi performed well as Kamalesh from Ayan (2009) movie grabbing the attention of the viewers with his dialogue delivery. 

The cooks brought a variety of chicken dishes which earned a good response from Judges and special guest Radha, especially Askay Kumar's cooking skills are well appreciated and he won the Chef of the Week.

Cook With Comali Season 5 Elimination Round:


In this situation, Shaalin Zoya and Deva were brought to the elimination round where they had a cooking competition for the elimination round. The elimination round was intense with a short period and in the end, music Director Deva was eliminated from the show Cooku With Comali Season 5 leaving Shaalin Zoya in tears as she wished for his stay.

Cooku with Comali receives moderate reviews from the fans as they start to feel the show loses its charm. The show continues to have good viewership and is well received by the viewers and yet the fans are expecting more and something different from the teams. 

Cooku With Comali Contestants:


In this season, the Cook with Comali Season 5 cooks are Shaalin Zoya, Akshay Kamal, Dhivya Duraisamy, Srikanth Deva, Pooja Venkat, Irfan, Vasanth Vasi, Priyanka, VTV Ganesh, and Sujitha. The comalis for the seasons include the old participants Pugazh, Sunitha, Kureshi, and Sarath, and the new participants are Ramar, Shabnam, Anshitha, Vinoth, and Kemy.

Top Cooku Dupe Cooku Controversy:

As we know, Media Masons is the reason behind the Cooku With Comali show success and the team has now accepted the offer from Sun TV and is running the show Top Cooku Dupe Cooku.  The decision made the comalis and the judges in the show Cooku With Comali split into two. Venkatesh Bhat joins Media Masons where as Damu stays with Cooku With Comali.

Top Cooku Dupe Cooku Vs Cooku With Comali:


The division of the contestants and judges also split the fans into two, some support the Media Masons team, and others the Vijay TV. The controversy brings competition between the shows Cooku With Comali and Top Cooku Dupe Cooku. 

The controversy died after knowing the reasons but the competition which ignited is still on between the fans of the show. Putting the competition aside, both shows are well-received by the viewers and get the attention in their own way.