Cooku With Comali Season 5 Vs Topu Cooku Dupe Cooku Fans Views

Cooku With Comalli Vs Topu Cooku Dupe Cooku
Cooku With Comalli Vs Topu Cooku Dupe Cooku

Topu Cooku Dupe Cooku is an upcoming Tamil TV cooking comedy and will be released on Sun TV soon. There was controversy around the entertainment as Chef Venkatesh Bhat joined the show leaving Cooku With Comali.

Cooku With Comali Season 5:

Cooku with Comali is a successful cooking comedy show on Vijay Television. The Show hits its success with an amazing team of judges, crew members, cooks, comalis, and Anchor.  Cooku with Comali season 5 was aired on April 27 at 9.30 pm with a grand opening following the success of the previous seasons.

Cooku With Comali Season 5 Comalis Quits:

Nanjil Vijayan is a familiar Tamil comedy actor who worked in many shows. He achieved fame from the program Siricha Pochu. The actor appeared as a comali in the famous show Cooku With Comali Season 5. After participating in the show, Nanjil Vijayan took his X account and wrote, "Hi friends, I am leaving the 'Cooku with Comali' show. I have no problem with the channel, and after this, I will not appear in any show produced by the box office company. Thanks for the support."

This made fans question further clarifications but the actor does not give a clear picture of the issue with the box office company. Following the the comali quit, the show received critical reviews and a bit of negative reviews. The Cook With Comali Season 5 team does not give any explanations to the issue. 

Topu Cooku Dupe Cooku Announcement:

After the release of Cooku With Comlai Sun TV a few days later released the promo of Topu Cooku Dupe Cooku which includes Venkatesh Bhat. The announcement video created a lot of problems among the fans. Sun TV brought up a similar show, Cooku With Comali, with Venkatesh Bhat, which was not a problem to some fans, but some took it to the next level and accused the chef of leaving Cook with Comali behind.

Media Masons Quit Cooku With Comali:

Media Masons is the success behind the beloved Cooku With Comali show and has been a vital part of Vijay TV's programming landscape since 2006, contributing to iconic shows like Super Singer. Cooku With Comali launched in November 2019 under Media Masons which truly captured the hearts of audiences.

The second season of the show witnessed a surge in popularity, particularly among the youth, cementing its status as a fan favourite. Subsequent seasons continued to enjoy steady TRP ratings, further solidifying its position as a staple in Tamil entertainment.  It is said that  Vijay TV reportedly requested Media Masons to prioritize Cooku With Comali and quit the Super Singer.

Media Masons accepted the offer from Sun TV and accepted to run the show Topu Cooku Dupe Cooku and this made comalis and judges in the show Cooku With Comali split. During the Split, Venkatesh Bhat joins Media Masons where as Damu stays with Cooku With Comali. Comalis like Deepa Shankar, Adhirchi Arun, Bharat K Rajesh, Monisha Blessy,​ and GP Muthu​ joined Media Masons. Whereas Pugazh, Sunitha, Kureshi, and Sarath stayed behind and joined the Cooku With Comali show as comalis.

The controversy died after knowing the reasons behind the drama. Still, some fans are fighting social media over the issue.

Topu Cooku Dupe Cooku Confirmed Contestant Lists:

In the Topu Cooku Dupe Cooku show the participant's list will be released soon. The Topu Cooku Dupe Cooku in the shows released the confirmed list of Dupe cooks Deepa Shankar, Dheena, Adhirchi Arun​, Bharat K Rajesh, Monisha Blessy,​ and GP Muthu. The show will be hosted by VJ Rakesh.

The other contestant's list will released shortly. Topu Cooku Dupe Cooku released a promo with Venkatesh Bhat with a Top Cook and a Dupe Cook which created anticipation among the fans. The fans are excited to watch the show.

Vadivel In Topu Cooku Dupe Cooku:

The anticipation surrounding the inclusion of Tamil comedian Vadivelu in the opening show is intriguing and stirring up excitement among audiences. The rumours swirling around this possibility have gained substantial interest, with many fervently believing them to be true. Fans are eagerly awaiting an official confirmation from the organizing team, their enthusiasm mounting with each passing moment.