Darbar Release is in trouble? Rumors of Re-Censoring the Movie

Darbar Release is in trouble Rumors of Re-Censoring the Movie
Darbar Release is in trouble Rumors of Re-Censoring the Movie

Is Darbar release happening as intended, or a slight delay is expected? All set and bookings are open in many theatres, and almost all theatres exhausted the tickets in Chennai for more than a week. Between there is a rumor that the movie is expecting a time-delay due to some scenes.

Will the last-minute work release the movie as planned? The news is viral in social media that the delay is due to censoring ratings. The distributor needs PG-13; hence the movie is under re-censoring. Hence the delay might happen. The news has come at the back of all 8.30 shows being sold off. Is it just a rumor to sideline or authentic information to believe? If authentic, what is the expected time of release?

After 2.0, Kaala and Petta, Darbar gets U/A certificate. Rajinikanth Is playing a dual role in this movie, one as a cop named Aadithya Arunasalam and others as a social activist. Superstar is eagerly awaiting the release. The run-time of the film is for 2 hours, 39 minutes sources revealed, and the movie was out from the censor board.

Sources said there are 11 changes suggested by the censor board, and the post-production team is working rigorously to make the changes. They suggested trimming the introduction fighting sequence of Aadithya Arunasalam and a kissing scene in mobile.

A.R.Murugadoss shared the one-minute long promo of Chumma Kizhi song from the film. Rajinikanth is seen in the promo, shaking his leg for the peppy song composed by Anirudh Ravichander. Are these confusions surfaced just to hype the movie? IF it is real, how will the shows be managed? Will this impromptu delay be balanced, and the audience's excitement will be fed as planned? Expected re-censoring will be done soon without hindering the executions.