Devi 2 Movie: Actress Tamannaah Status Update

Devi 2 Movie
Devi 2 Movie

Tammana is reprising the role of Devi/Ruby from the film Devi in its sequel Devi 2 Movie. She was praised for the role in which she acts as Devi a naive village girl married to Prabhudeva in Mumbai and Ruby, the ghost that has possessed her with the intention of fulfilling her desire to become an actress in Bollywood. She did a great job of maintaining the balance of both characters with the innocence of Devi and the boldness of Ruby. 

She became a prominent face in the Telugu, Kannada and Bollywood sides overnight with her role in the Baahubali duology. She was considered a masala actress for some time as many of her initial roles in Tamil and Telugu films were not given specifically for her acting tendencies.

Breaking the stereotype, But then she broke the stereotype by taking on greater responsibilities to prove her acting skills by acting in good acting roles such as in Dharmadurai for which she was critically acclaimed. Since then she has been acting around in all genres and languages making her mark. She is not shying away from any kind of roles acting in character roles in Kanne kalaimane to an item number in KGF: chapter 1.  Her recent films Naa nuvve and Next Enti were hits in Telugu and she has now aiming for another hit with Devi 2 

Devi 2 Movie , Nowadays sequels are becoming namesake films with examples like Charlie Chaplin 2 from Prabhudeva which are following the trend of sequels to cash in. But Devi 2 Movie is expected to be good as Devi was an entertainer in many aspects and Devi 2 reportedly uses the proven layout of Devi where it provides comedy, romance, masala and action with a little message at the end.       

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