Dhanalakshmi Entered Bigg Boss Again To Celebrate Pongal

Bigg Boss Season 6
Bigg Boss Season 6

The first promo for the 95th day of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 is out. Dhanalakshmi, who left the Bigg Boss show, is back in the house today.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 is about to end in a few days, and as the finale is nearing, the contestants who left the Bigg Boss show are re-entering. And especially all the Bigg Boss contestants are back inside the Bigg Boss house to celebrate Pongal. A few special guests have entered the Bigg Boss house this week and messed with the contestants' minds. 

Confused special guests will start the cashbox task in a few days. While the expectation is building among the fans as to who will walk out with the cash box this time, the special guests who have come in to change the mood of the contestants are confusing everyone by talking only about their negative opinions.

Currently, everyone is pleasantly surprised to see Dhanalakshmi. According to the Dhanalakshmi coloured Amudavanan's hair with her own hands. Azeem notices that Dhanalakshmi has a Bigg Boss tattoo on her hand and shows it to everyone saying look at her hand. Dhanalakshmi gives comments and reviews about everyone. 

Manikandan has also entered the Bigg Boss house, which looks complete now. Bigg Boss viewers are curious about who will take the cashbox and leave the house.

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