Dheena Re-release 2024: Ajith Birthday Celebrated in Theatres By Fans

Dheena Re-Release Celebration
Dheena Re-Release Celebration

On the occasion of actor Ajith Kumar's birthday, Ajith fans are celebrating the re-release of the Deena movie in theatres across Tamil Nadu.

Actor Ajith is celebrating his 53rd birthday today, and to his surprise, Shalini Ajithkumar has gifted him a Ducati bike, and the photos are going viral on social media. The social media is busy with hashtags Billa, Deena, Vidaa Muyarchi and other titles related to actor Ajith Kumar.

In this situation, the Deena movie is re-released in various theatres across Tamil Nadu. Although the fans requested to release the Mankatha movie on Ajith's birthday, the distributors made the decision to re-release Deena and Billa. But Mankatha is overjoyed and celebrated widely in Malaysia today.

The re-release of the movie "Dheena" has been well received by Ajith fans. A video of the theatre celebration is currently trending on social media platforms. The video shows fans celebrating the re-release by dancing and singing. Some fans even brought crackers into the theatre out of excitement.

Dheena (2001) was a super-hit movie that received an overwhelming response from the audience. It is still celebrated with the same enthusiasm as it was during its release in 2001.