Did Vichitra Mentioned Bhalevadivi Basu Telugu Movie In Bigg Boss Task

Bigg Boss 7 Vichitra
Bigg Boss 7 Vichitra

Bigg Boss actress Vichitra's comment about the bitter experience that happened to her during a shoot has become a topic of conversation on social media today.

In the Bigg Boss Season 7 Tamil, the contestants were tasked to tell about the events that caused an earthquake in their lives. Speaking then, actress Vichitra shared her bitter experiences while shooting a Top Hero film in 2001. This has shocked not only fellow contestants but also Bigg Boss viewers.

Vichitra said that the lead hero invited her to the room, and since she didn't come, he used to get drunk and bang on my door. Throughout that shooting schedule, Vichitra stayed in every room every day. Also, how Vichitra behaved in this matter caused the problem at the shooting spot. 

Vichitra said,  "In one of the scenes, one of the fighters assaulted me. When I caught the man concerned and complained to the stunt master, he slapped me on the cheek in exasperation. I looked at the entire unit, and none of them stepped up to talk to me. I was seething with rage, felt fear and anger, and was so emotional. I couldn't tell my parents, so I spoke to my friend. The person asked me to complain to the union. They held me so hard, and I had blood clots. I had marks on my face from the slap.

I don't understand what is happening. Immediately, on the advice of a friend, I filed a complaint with the Actors' Association. But they asked why you came here without going to the police. It is still remembered that the then-leader said all this is a matter. Go and see the work."

Later, Vichitra said this was the problem that caused me to leave the cinema. This video where Vichitra shared her experience is going viral on social media and receiving a huge response from the netizens. It is also rumoured that the movie she mentioned in the story was Bhalevadivi Basu(Telugu). Following this #Balakrishna is trending in X.