Did Vijay Fans Troll Yuvan Off Instagram? Whistle Podu Rise Questions

Whistle Podu Song
Whistle Podu Song

Yuvan Shankar Raja is trending on social media following his Instagram deactivation. Yuvan confirmed that it was a technical error.

The rumours surface that he deactivated following the negative comments of Thalapathy fans in the Whistle Podu song from the GOAT movie.

Yuvan Shankar Raja:

Yuvan Shankar Raja is a well-known music composer in the Tamil film industry who has gained popularity among 90s kids with his super hit background music. Even now, the BGMs for films like Billa and Mankatha are still celebrated by fans.

Yuvan's melodies are like therapy for those who have experienced heartbreak, as they transport listeners to a different world when played at a high volume in solitude. That's why he's referred to as a "Drug Dealer". 

GOAT - Whistle Podu:

Actor Vijay and Yuvan are shaking hands for the first for The GOAT 'WHistle Podu'. It was good to hear the voice of Vijay with Yuvan Music. The song gained a good reviews from the general viewers but still gathered a negative reviews from Thalapthy songs a little.

Yuvan Ajith BGM:

Yuvan's BGM for Actor Ajith was super hit is most of the movies. The fans kept those kinds of BGMs in the mind and expected the same kind of Yuvan but it dissapointed him in sime corners.

Instagram Deactivated - Rumours:

In this situation, Yuvan Shankar Raja is said to have deactivated his instagram account. The reason behind this still unknown. But the rumours surf that he deactivated his account following the negative comments for Whistle Podu song.

Yuvan Instagram Deactivate Reason:

Now Yuvan fans are waiting for him to show up on Instagram again. The Whistle Podu song from the GOAT is also celebrated good among the Vijay fans.

Following the rumours, Yuvan has confirmed in his X Post, 'Hey guys, Thank you for the concerned messages. It's just a technical error, my team is trying to recover my Insta account and I'll be back soon. Love, always!'