Does Shivani love Balaji in Bigg Boss Tamil 4?

Shivani love Balaji in Bigg Boss Tamil 4, big question
Shivani love Balaji in Bigg Boss Tamil 4, big question

Bigg Boss season 4 Tamil hosted by Ulaganayagan Kamal Hasan hikes audience pressure with intriguing content daily. Likewise, the love track of Balaji Murugadoss has been cleared in yesterday's episode but doubt arouses whether Shivani Narayanan is in love with Balaji.

Though activities of Balaji and Shivani confirmed their affection towards each other, Bala strictly condemned the statement issued by the contestants during the nomination process.

The clarification of relationship with Shivani as a good friend came from Balaji after he heard out the love track statement from Bigg Boss at the time of the nomination list announcement.

With Suchithra and Anitha Sampathkumar at the top of this week's eviction list, Super Singer Aajeedh holds the captaincy and escapes from the present week's eviction process. Shockingly, Sanam Shetty, who has been the common target for the past one month, is free from the nomination list for a week.

Shivani and Balaji, who has been an inseparable couple or friends whatever it may be inside the Bigg Boss house since a few days, expose a crack from yesterday.

Balaji's uncaring behavior with Shivani Narayanan after the Bigg Boss love track announcement triggered Shivani quite well in all terms resulting in a heated argument with Bala. However, Balaji Murugadoss walks off from Shivani, which tensed her high.

At the end of yesterday's episode, Shivani, Ramya, and Samyuktha danced to dope songs claiming the gang as 'Single girls'. Let us wait for today's content to witness Balaji and Shivani's take-off in the relationship, whether it's friend or love.