Double Eviction in Bigg Boss Tamil House, Jithan Ramesh and Aranthangi Nisha

Double Eviction in Bigg Boss Tamil House, Jithan Ramesh and Aranthangi Nisha
Double Eviction in Bigg Boss Tamil House, Jithan Ramesh and Aranthangi Nisha

With the announcement of two eliminations this week, one elimination on Saturday and one elimination on Sunday are scheduled to take place inside Bigg Boss Tamil house hosted by Kamal Hasan.

The eviction of Sanam Shetty by last week agitated many people around the world stating it as an injustice to the fair player. However, she won hearts for being herself both inside and outside the house which is the much-needed appreciation for a BB contestant.

Now coming to this week's scenario, it's quite a guessable factor for people and the contestant about the elimination which is undoubtedly from the group and not individual players.

In that case, Jithan Ramesh, Aranthangi Nisha, Somsekhar come under the groupism as said by co-contestants several times. Kamal Hasan appeared in yesterday's BB show and fried the contestants as much as possible for not being fair while selecting best and worst performers.

Anitha Sampath and Jithan Ramesh were nominated as worst performers of the week by others but Anitha strongly opposed the decision listing her full-fledged chores in the overall week as a captain and contestant.

She specifically questioned Rio for his dual speculation on the same things done by Nisha and myself. The response to Anitha's question by Rio striked as wrong by Ramya Pandian, Aari Arjunan, Balaji and people watching outside too.

Anitha as a contestant changed a lot in her behavior mainly the arguing thing has reduced in huge terms compared to the beginning.

To stay with justice, on day 69, Kamal Hasan requested to revote the worst performer excluding Anitha in the nomination list. After voting again, Nisha has been selected unanimously this time which leads her to be in jail amidst Anitha's unfair jailing journey.

Coming back to dual eviction this week, Jithan Ramesh was eliminated yesterday. Groupism and not exposing individuality are the main reason behind this eviction justifying last week's mistake in the detoxing process.

Despite all, Nisha is in BB jail but sources seem that she will be the second contestant to be eliminated today due to the helping behaviors prevailing for a long time inside the Bigg Boss Tamil house.