Early Morning Shows For Thunivu And Varisu Cancelled In Tamil Nadu

Thunivu And Varisu Poster
Thunivu And Varisu Poster

Vijay's Varisu and Ajith's Thanivu will hit theatres on the occasion of Pongal. Both these films are releasing simultaneously in the theatres tomorrow, so the fans' expectations have increased. It has come as a shock that from January 13 to 16th, the 4 am and 5 am screenings of Varisu and Thaunivu have been cancelled.

Usually, if the films of big actors like Vijay-Ajith are released, the fan screenings are held at 1 am and 4 am. Vijay and Ajith have ardent fans who don't hesitate to spend thousands and buy tickets to watch this fan screening. 

Such fans have now received shocking news. That is, the shocking news that the special has been cancelled. The government has sent a circular to the district collectors that Pongal special shows are not allowed. Early morning specials show on 13, 14, 15, and 16 are cancelled.

From January 13 to 16th, early morning special screenings have been cancelled in theatres, and fans have been banned from anointing high banners with milk. The Tamil Nadu government has issued an order to all district collectors.

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