Eeram Movie Director Arivazhagan Returns to Horror with Sabdham


Aadhi Pinishetty's new movie, Sabdham teaser was released on April 12, 2024, and has created curiosity among the viewers. The movie Sabhdham falls under the horror genre.

The movie features a wonderful cast, including  Aadhi, Simran, Laila, Lakshmi Menon, Redin Kingsley, MS Baskar, and Rajiv Menon. Thaman S composed the music for the horror film. The sound in the teaser scores the audience. 7G Siva produced the movie and co-produced it with S. Banupriya Siva.

The movie was written and directed by Arivazhagan Vekateshwaran. Aadhi, for the second time after Eeram, joined hands with the director.

Eeram was also a horror movie and had a lot of positive reviews. Till date the Eeram movie stands as one of the best Tamil horror film. 

Arivazhaygan's movie 'Kuttram 23' is a standout thriller movie and forms a standard follower for the director. So, the Sabdham movie already has expectations from the fans and is expected to have a unique story.

The visuals in the teaser are stunning and keep the audience intrigued. The teaser is showered with positive reviews and wishes from the viewers.