Election Tamil Movie Starring Vijay Kumar Trailer Review

Election Tamil Movie Trailer Review
Election Tamil Movie Trailer Review

Election is an upcoming movie starring Uriyadi fame actor Vijay Kumar and Preethi Asrani is a political thriller that released a movie trailer on May 11 and got good reviews from the fans. The movie will be released worldwide on May 17 and fans are eagerly waiting to watch the film in theatres.

Election (2024) Movie Trailer:

Election movie team released the movie trailer on May 11. The trailer starts with a powerful quote by Abraham Lincoln," The Ballot is stronger than a Bullet" which stands for if a person chooses votes to the right leader, there is no need for fights and bullets which proves a vote is more powerful than a bullet.

The trailer further details the political fights that happen between the two parties. Then the hero's uncle encourages him to join politics which he first refuses and then accepts eventually. With the support of his uncle and his wife, the hero starts to campaign for the election.

Hero is the son of a Politician volunteer who enters politics to become a leader which does not sit well with other politicians. The hero's entrance into politics brings him a lot of struggles. The trailer also indicates the politician's constant use of a shawl which all politicians consider an important thing to wear along with their dress. But throughout the entire trailer, the hero does not wear the shawl which is noticeable as they brought special attention to Shawl in the beginning. 

The trailer is a blend of politics, action, drama, and romance. The political thriller revolves around the hero who is determined to win the election. Will the hero be able to win the election against all the odds?  

Election (2024) Songs:

Election movie released three songs which was received well by the audience. The first single was titled Election the movie's name itself was different and made the viewers like the song. The song uses different leaders' voices in the background which intrigues the fans. The song mainly focuses on democracy.

The other two songs Mannavan, and Theera released by the Election movie team are also getting positive reviews. The melody songs are loved for their romantic lyrics especially Mannavan's song as it gives a vintage vibe to the viewers.

Election (2024) Cast And Crew:

Election Movie cast features Vijay Kumar, Preethi Asrani, Richa Joshi, George Maryan, Paval Navageethan, and Dileepan. The movie was written and directed by Thamizh and it was produced by Aditya. The music for the film was composed by Govind Vasantha.

Vijay Kumar Works:

  • Uriyadi
  • Uriyadi 2
  • Fight Club 

Uriyadi (2016):

Uriyadi is a political thriller movie that was welcomed by the Tamil audience."Uriyadi is a gripping narrative that follows the journey of four carefree college students who find themselves entangled in a web of corruption and deceit. They navigate through a series of challenges, they come face to face with a manipulative politician determined to further his own ambitions at any cost. At its core, the film fearlessly addresses the insidious nature of caste politics and how it's often exploited by a select few for personal gain, rather than serving the greater good of society. 

Uriyadi Cast And Crew:

Uriyadi movie stars Vijay Kumar, Mime Gopi, Citizen Sivakumar, and Chandru. The movie was written, directed, and produced by Vijay Kumar. The film music was composed by Masala Coffee and Anthony Daasan.

Uriyadi 2 (2019):

Uriyadi 2 is a commercial success, following Uriyadi 1, the sequel also talks about politics. The movie is based on India's largest biogas plant tragedy and the recent Sterlite protests. Lenin Vijay is a young man who secures a job at a factory with his two other friends. Later, when he learns that the place is flouting environmental norms and causing deaths, he seeks justice.

Uriyadi 2 Cast And Crew:

Uriyadi 2 features Vijay Kumar, Sudhakar, and Vismaya. The movie was written and directed by Vijay Kumar. The movie was produced by Suriya and Co-Produced by Rajsekar Karpoora Sundarapandian. The music for the movie was composed by Govind Vasantha.

Fight Club (2023):

Fight Club is an action movie that receives an average response from the audience.  The movie tells the story of a frustrated young man Selva. He is a college student with football aspirations but becomes frustrated over the lack of opportunity with provided to him. His anger draws him into conflicts that impact him and his family.

Fight Club Cast And Crew:

Fight Club movie includes  Vijay Kumar, Kaarthekeyen Santhanam, and Shankar Thas. The movie was directed by Abbas A Rahmath. The film was written by Sasi Nandhagopal and produced by Aditya. The music for the movie was composed by Govind Vasantha.

Other than this Vijay Kumar wrote dialogues for the the famous movie Soorai Pottru(2020) acted by Suriya.