Email (2024) Tamil Movie Starrer Ragini Dwivedi And Ashok Kumar Review

Email Movie Poster
Email Movie Poster

'Email' is a film produced and directed by SR Rajan under SR Film Factory and is released in theatres today. Email Tamil movie is receiving average reaction from the audience.

Email Tamil Movie Story:

Email (2024) is a suspense thriller film in Tamil and Kannada. The story of Email revolves around cheating in online games and the consequences of it. This movie has given a strong role to the female characters throughout the film. The action scenes are mostly carried out by the female characters, mainly Ragini Dwivedi. On the other hand, it is good to see late actor Manobala on the big screen after a break. 

Email (2024) Review:

When we look into the negative side of the film, the story does not connect well with the audience in some portions. Only some comedy scenes worked well. A few scenes in the film look unnatural and don't blend with the music. The characters in the film have given their best in the film. Watch Email movie in the theatre to enjoy the audio and visuals.

Email Movie Cast and Crew:

Email(2024) movie stars Ragini Dwivedi, Ashok Kumar, Aadhav Balaji, Aarti Shree, Manobala, Lollu Sabha Manohar, Belli Murali Park, Akshay Raj and others. The music for this film is composed by Avinash Gavaskar, and Zubin composes the background music. Selvam Madhapan handles the Cinematography.