Fans support to Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Contestant Kavin Winner of the Heart

Fans support to Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Contestant Kavin Winner of the Heart
Fans support to Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Contestant Kavin Winner of the Heart

Kavin gets full people to support in distress time, to trend on twitter at national level

WeStandForKavin and WeStandWithKavin were trending for more than 12 hours yesterday in all India level shows the kind nature of Tamil people once again.  It is not an easy thing to be trending at the national level on Twitter. It needs hundreds of thousands of tweets to make it a trend. Tamil people yesterday on hearing of the difficulty of Kavin's family, immediately started tweeting in support of Kavin in hashtag WeStandForKavin and WeStandWithKavin.

Kavin the survivor in bigg boss 3 with public support:

Kavin became the Oviya of Bigg Boss 3 Tamil show due to many reasons.  Though they are good or bad is for anyone to decide. But one thing was sure for almost 70 days now in Bigg Boss 3 Tamil show is that he is survived only by the help of support from the people. Their millions of votes have made him survive so long in the Bigg Boss 3 Tamil house. Many memes were trolling him to no end of his said love affairs in the house.  All those who were against him like Sakshi, Abirami, Meera, and Madhu have already left the house, but Kavin still survives in the Bigg Boss 3 Tamil house. It is only because of the kind support by the Tamil people, irrespective of the negative comments against him.

Kavin supported by people in a big way:

The Tamil people support Kavin during this tough period in a big way. To negate the negative publicity of his family being convicted for happenings 12 years ago, the people came in full support of Kavin, who was only a small boy at that time. He also has openly admitted during the early days of Bigg Boss 3 Tamil task that he and his family owe money to others. And also he has said that he came into the Bigg Boss house only to repay them. He has survived until now in spite of all the difficulties and criticisms only to refund the money. 

People will continue to tweet hashtag #WeStandForKavin to help Kavin in distress and save the survivor against all the odds in big boss reality show and life.

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