Garudan (2024) OTT Release In Amazon Prime On June 28

Garudan Ott Release
Garudan Ott Release

The successful movie Garudan is expected to release on the Ott platform app Amazon Prime on June 28. This makes the movie lovers happy as they are eager to rewatch the movie.

Garudan OTT release:

Garudan movie starring Soori streaming rights bought by the Ott platform app Amazon Prime on June 28.

Garudan Plot:

The movie Garudan shows the life of Soori, Sasi Kumar, and Unni Mukundan in the village near Theni. It introduces Sasi Kumar and Unni Mukundan as close friends and Soori in the movie played as a devoted servant of Unni Mukundan. The story unfolds with their lives being significantly affected by a piece of land, revealing unexpected twists and turns.

Garudan Success:

Garudan is one of the most successful and talked about movies of this year. The movie gained positive reviews from the audience with its plot and action scenes. The movie also turned into a commercial success as the film reportedly grossed over Rs 35 crore in Tamil Nadu alone. It has firmly established itself as a blockbuster hit in the region, with the makers already declaring its success in no uncertain terms.

Garudan Review:

Garudan is a mix of action, loyalty, betrayal, and drama. Garudan centers around Soori's emotional journey amidst the challenges unfolding in the storyline. 

Soori excels in his heroic role as a dedicated servant to Unni Mukundan, showcasing deep loyalty and facing dilemmas where he must choose between loyalty and justice. Along with Soori, the cast delivers stellar performances perfectly suited to their respective roles.

The movie portrays raw emotions and realism, depicting scenes of cruelty, violence, and bloodshed, which immerse viewers in its narrative. The film's background score, especially in climactic moments like the interval block, stands out and adds to its overall impact.

Garudan keeps viewers engaged with its unexpected twists and turns, maintaining a brisk pace throughout. However, the movie is a good action-packed movie to watch at home.

Garudan Cast:

Garudan stares Soori, Sasikumar, Unni Mukundan, Revathi Sharma, Sshivada, Roshini Haripriyan, Samuthrakani, Mime Gopi, R.V.Udayakumar, Vadivukarasi, Dushyanth, Motta Rajendran, and Bragida. The music composer for the movie was Yuvan Shankar Raja. The movie was written and directed by R.S. Durai Senthilkumar and it was produced by K. Kumar.