Garudan Movie Success: Soori Expressed His Gratitude To Video

Garudan Poster
Garudan Poster

The movie Garudan, directed by Durai Senthil kumar and starring Soori, Sasikumar, Unni Mukundan, Maim Gopi, and others, was released on May 31st. Yuvan Shankar Raja composed the music for the film. The movie was a huge success, following which Actor Soori shared an emotional video to convey his gratitude.

Last year, Soori captivated audiences with his outstanding performance in the lead role in Vetri Maran's movie Viduthalai Part 1. The movie gained much popularity among crime thriller movie lovers. His acting was outstanding, and it was impressive to see comedian Soori leading the movie in serious scenes.

Viduthalai Part 1:

Viduthalai Part 1 was a super hit across the state, and the fans are eagerly waiting for Viduthalai Part 2. Following that success, he took on the protagonist role in the film "Garudan," which was well-received by audiences from the day of its release.

Soori's Garudan Success:

The film has received high praise from audiences in rural areas, who have expressed their gratitude towards the film's music composer, Yuvan, and cinematographer for their roles in the film's success. In response to the overwhelming support, Soori, a key figure in the film, has released a video expressing his gratitude to the audience. 

Actor Soori has expressed his delight at the positive reception in theatres and the recognition from family audiences. The video is going viral on social media with likes and shares. People are commenting, wishing the best for his upcoming films.

From comedian to the lead role and being accepted by the audience is a great achievement for actors. It takes time for a comedian to transition to a lead role. Even if they become a lead, their performance must be accepted by the audience, or else it could lead to a flop. Transitioning from comedy to leading roles in action and thriller films has its unique challenges.

In that case Actor Soori has excelled in his recent movies and proved that he is a good actor. His talent in blending to the roles made him to give good films. It is expected the would concentrate much on action films in the future.