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Ghilli Re-released 2024: Celebration Breaks Box Office Record

Ghilli Re-Release 2024

The 2004 blockbuster Ghilli re-release movie sets the all-time record for an Indian re-release, surpassing all the re-released movies. This makes Thalapathy fans happy, and fans show their excitement on social media, making it a trend.

Ghilli Cast:

Ghilli's movie starring Vijay as Saravanavel/ Ghilli, Trisha as Dhanalakshmi and Prakash Raj as Muthupandi gained loads of love from the audience. The movie was re-released after 19 years and received the same love from the audience just like the First time.

Ghilli Movie Box Office Collection:

The Ghilli was re-released as a treat for Thalapathy fans and Ghilli lovers. In this case, the ticket prices are low and range from Rs 60 to Rs 200. Even with low prices, Ghilli sets the Box Office for collecting 8 crores on the first day of the re-release.

Ghilli movie has captured the hearts of the audience. Even the general audience loved and spent a good time watching the movie. The best point here is that even non-Thalapathy fans enjoyed the movie and celebrated.

Ghilli Movie Theatre Response:

Ghilli Movie, re-released on April 20 and the fans turned the show into a concert and sang along with the song lyrics happily. Fans cheered during the dialogue delivery. The movie was well-received by fans of all age groups, from the elderly to children.

Ghilli Movie - The Record Breaker:

The first-day box office record of Ghilli broke the record for Indian re-release, surpassing Telugu films like Mahesh Babu starring Businessman and Pawan Kalyan Kushi, which grossed around Rs. 4 crore globally on their first day.

The Ghilli's re-release has made fans happy and tempted them to re-watch the movie.