Ghilli Re-release 2024: Housefull Shows In Karur Cinemas

Ghilli Re-Release 2024
Ghilli Re-Release 2024

Ghilli movie has been re-released in theatres and is receiving an unexpected response from general audiences and among Thalapathy Vijay fans. The theatres are buzzing with fans, dances, and songs. The theatres are busy with this re-release, especially Karur Cinemas, is moving Housefull since the first show.

Ghilli Re-Release 2024:

Ghilli movie re-release in 2024 is celebrated widely across Tamil Nadu. Fans is considering this release as a festival, and to surprise, the reach of this re-release is beyond expectations.

The re-release of "Ghilli" has sparked a massive buzz at the Karur Cinemas, marking the first time a re-released movie is being housed fully in theatres. Fans are once again experiencing the electrifying vibe they first encountered in 2004. This is the first time a re-release movie is running houseful in Karur Cinemas.

The nostalgia is overwhelming, drawing in both loyal fans who cherished the movie in 2004 and a new generation eager to experience the magic of "Ghilli" on the big screen.

Ghilli Movie:

Its action-packed romantic plot, blended with comedy, music, family drama, and romance, continues to captivate audiences. As "Ghilli" once again packs theatres, it stands as a testament to its lasting impact and the cherished memories it has created over the years.