Ghilli Re-Release Turned Out As Festival Among Thalapathy Fans

Ghilli Movie Scene
Ghilli Movie Scene

The Movie Ghilli was re-released in theatres for its 20th anniversary. The fans of Thalapathy Vijay are equally excited and celebrating the re-release of his Movie as a new movie release.

Ghilli brought so much attention to Vijay, and the people loved and enjoyed the Movie. Ghilli was often in talk among fans through memes and for its famous dialogues.

The Re-release update makes fans excited to watch the masterpiece again in theatre. The fans in the theatre are singing and dancing to the songs. The Fans cheer happily in the theatre for their favourite dialogue or scene.

Ghilli Movie:

Ghilli was directed by Dharani and released in 2004. Ghilli engages the audience with its action-packed romantic plot. The Movie is a re-make of Mahesh Babu's Movie 'Okkadu'.

Ghilli is more successful than the original version Okkadu. The Movie was a perfect blend of comedy, music, action, family drama, and romance that kept the audience engaged and wanting to re-watch it.

Prakash Raj's dialogues gained more attention than Vijay's throughout the film. Muthu Pandi's love for Dhanalakshmi is still celebrated in memes among netizens.

Theatre response to Ghilli's Re-release:

The Ghilli Movie gives equal attention to the main leads, Vijay, Trisha, and Prakash Raj. The re-release of Ghilli has exceeded our expectations and been a massive success.