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GP Muthu To Enter Bigg Boss With Cash Box, Who will Exit With Money?

Bigg Boss Season 6

All the contestants except Amudhavana are trapped in the final nomination of Bigg Boss Season 6. Fans are eager to know who will be out this week taking the cash box.

Rachitha was not doing well in the tasks with a competitive spirit in the initial days, but later she made some effort. Last week she gave her best in the ticket to the final task. Especially in the bicycle task, the fans were amazed to see that he rode the bicycle without sleeping all night. 

Amudavanan, who was in the nomination, got fewer votes, excelled in tasks from the beginning, and won the ticket to the finale task. Due to this, Rachitha was evicted last week.

The last nomination for Bigg Boss season 6 was held yesterday. Shivin nominated Azeem, and everyone in the house also nominated Azeem. But Azeem didn't nominate Vikraman this time. He said I did not nominate Vikraman because he is more patient than me. 

After the nomination of 6 people, apart from Amudavanan other contestants, including Azeem, Vikraman, Shivin, Kathiravan, Myna Nandhini, and ADK, qualified for this week's nomination.

This week GP Muthu will enter the Bigg Boss house taking the cash box. So the fans' biggest question is who will leave taking the cash box in the final week. Aseem, Vikraman and Shivin have the support of the people, and there is no chance for them to leave the money box task. Most propably, there are high chances for Nandhini, ADK and Kathiravan to take the box.