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Guardian (2024) Tamil Movie Starring Hansika Motwani Story And Review

Gaurdian Movie Scene

Guardian movie starring Hansika Motwani as the lead has been released in theatres today. This horror Tamil movie has received an average response from the audience.

Guardian (2024) Tamil Movie Story:

Guardian (2024) is a Tamil movie released in 2024, which is a blend of revenge and horror genres. The story revolves around Hansika, who comes to Chennai in search of an interior design job. Despite not answering the interview questions correctly, she gets the job. However, she soon finds herself in a situation where her team lead takes credit for her work, leading to misunderstandings between them.

To Hansika's shock, strange incidents started happening around her, and she wondered how and why this was happening. Later, she realizes that she is possessed by the spirit of a woman seeking revenge, which explains her obsession with the strange occurrences. The movie then follows Hansika as she agrees to help the vengeful ghost by taking revenge on some people.

Guardian (2024) Tamil Movie Review:

Without a doubt, Sam CS's music is the backbone of the entire movie. Then comes the storyline. The story has the content, but the delivery was not as expected. All the characters in the movie have given their best. Hansika Motwani, Mottai Rajendran, and Thangadurai have done justive to the given role.

The Guardian movie was not too good to celebrate because the Tamil audience is already tired of horror and revenge movies. Half the movie is predictable, and the rest of the story touches on flashbacks. The comedy scenes didn't attract the audience much. Only in a few scenes did the comedies work well. The graphics are below average, which turned out to be a key negative of the film. It is a one-time watchable movie.

Guardian (2024) Cast:

Guardian (Tamil) stars Hansika Motwani, Suresh Menon, Sriman, Mottai Rajendran, Pradeep Rayan, and Tiger Garden Thangadurai in the lead. Sabari and Gurusaravanan directed the movie, which Vijay Chandar produced under the banner of Film Works. Sam CS composed the music for this film.