I Do not want anyone Help - Sanam : Promo 1 Oct 09

Bigg Boss Sanam
Bigg Boss Sanam

Fighting became a routine in Bigg boss house. Last three days, Anitha and Suresh were the reason for the brawl inside the house. Today Rekha and Sanam started their turn to keep the lit around. Ramya is struggling to get them calm but later interrogated by Rekha in exhaustion. 

For the last three seasons, elderly people are the main reason for the chaos in the house. They always came up with something to debate, this season is not an exemption. Last three days, Suresh took care of the hectic among the housemates, today Rekha gets her turn.

From day one cooking team has been filled with disagreements. Sanam condemns Rekha for helping her. There was a small dispute in cooking, Rekha has done Sanam's job, so Sanam entreats Rekha to not indulge in her works. Rekha affirms she doesn't want to fight with anyone and just tried to help Sanam.

Rekha had done Sanam's works when she was bathing as a help. But Sanam doesn't want someone doing her role and blames her lately. As a captain of the house, Ramya tried to appease them and request Rekha not to do other jobs as help.

Rekha insists, " As a captain of the cooking team, it is my job to invigilate everything." Sanam pounds her head in exasperation.