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Ilaiyaraaja Send Legal Notice To Manjummel Boys Movie Producers

Ilaiyaraaja Notice To Manjummel Boys Producers

Ilaiyaraaja sent a notice to the makers of the Manjummel Boys movie for using the song Kanmani Anbodu from Gunaa in the movie without his permission and this stirred up a lot of buzz among the fans. 

Manjummel Boys Movie:

Manjummel Boys is one of the successful movies this year and turned out to be a movie lovers' favorite. The movie is based on real-life incidents which happened in 2006 in Kodaikanal. The movie tells a story about a group of friends who planned their trip to Kodaikanal and after visiting a few spots the group planned to explore the restricted area "Guna Cave" which is also known as Devil's Kitchen. 

Subash, one of the boys in the Manjummel boys gang fell into the 80-feet depth hole and the movie shows the struggles faced by the boys and the Subash. Will the boys be able to rescue Subash? Will Subash survive? was the rest of the story.

Guna Cave:

The famous Guna Cave was originally named Devil's Kitchen and it has killed around 16 people. The cave was a restricted area and people were not allowed to enter the cave.

Kamal Haasan did a movie in the cave and the famous Kanmani Anbodu Kadhalan Song was shot in the cave which turned into an identification of the place and from that it got its name as Guna Cave. 

Manjummel Boys Movie Success:

Manjummel Boys was a huge hit and collected over Rs 234.25 crore worldwide and in India, it collected around 161 crore. The movie is a successful movie as commerical as well as script-wise.

With the strong storyline, friendship, and trust shown in the film, fans loved and celebrated the movie. The Kanmani Anbodu Kadhalan song was brought back to trend as the Manjummel Boys movie used the song. Kanmani Anbodu song was enjoyed by the current generation fans and recalled memories of the 90's.

Ilaiyaraaja Notice To Manjummel Movie:

Ilaiyaraaja recently is keen on sending notice to makers of the movies who used his songs in the movies without his permission. In this case, Ilaiyaraaja sent a legal notice to the makers of the Manjummel Boys movie as they used his song Kanmani Anbodu Kadhalan from the movie Gunaa. 

This has stirred up a lot of buzz on social media and some fans are fuming over the issue as they enjoyed the song in the movie, and some were confused as he sent the notice a long time after the movie's release and the trend was down. 

Ilaiyaraaja Songs Copy Right Issue:

Ilaiyaraaja filed copyright violation cases against Agi Music Pvt Ltd, Unisys Info Solution Pvt Ltd, and Giri Trading Company. In 2014, the High Court banned these companies from selling records that used the composer's hits.

The case is going on court against the Echo Company in which the company states that Ilaiyaraaja is being granted a right over the 4,500 songs between 1970 and 1990. 

Echo mentions that they have purchased the song from the movie's respective producers, and stated Ilaiyaraaja has given licenses to his music to other companies and mentioned using the single Judge order, Ilaiyaraaja earned money from both the Echo Company and other companies.

The court decided that the musician cannot solely own the song as the lyrics hold equal importance to the song and the court said it will continue on the case on June 2.

Recently, Ilaiyaraaja also sent notice to the makers of Coolie movie. Coolie is an upcoming Rajinikanth movie which was the highly anticipated movie of the year. Lokesh Kanagaraj joining hands with Rajinikanth adds hype to the movie Coolie and the movie has released its title teaser, which gets a positive response from the fans.

Coolie title teaser used the "Va Va Pakkam Va" song from the movie Thangamagan. Ilaiyaraaja got to know about the song used in Coolie title teaser and sent a copyright notice to Sun Pictures for claiming his song without his permission.