Indian 2 Shooting Spot Accident: Does Directed Shankar Injured Too?

Indian 2 Shooting Spot Crane Accident
Indian 2 Shooting Spot Crane Accident

Three killed and nine hospitalized, after a crane collapse down, during the shooting of Kamal Haasan's Indian 2 film. Kamal tweeted that it is unbearable to think about the sufferings of the family of the three dead persons.

The Indian 2 shooting has been going on in the EVP Film City for the past few days with Kamal Haasan. Now, this unfortunate accident has abruptly suspended the shoot. Rumors about injuries to Director Shanker has been spreading currently. Fortunately, director Shankar who was just a few meters away from the collapsing crane, is surely unharmed. In fact, Kamal Haasan, along with director Sankar, visited the hospital to see their crew members who were injured.

Indian 2 Shooting Spot Accident: Does Directed Shankar Injured Too?

At 9:30 PM  yesterday, February 19, the Indian 2 shooting was going on in the EVP film city at Nasarathpet in Poonamallee on the outskirts of Chennai. Suddenly crane carrying the high beam light crashed down, killing assistant director Krishnan who was in its small box. Two other domestic helpers Madhu and Chandran on whom the box crashed down also died with him. Nine others with different levels of injuries were taken to the hospital in nearby Thandalam. The nine of the film crew who were injured include the following six and three others


Kamal Hasaan and director Shankar visited the private hospital, where all the nine are hospitalized. Kamal took to Twitter to express his grief for the dead and the injured in the Indian 2 shooting spot. In his first tweet at 1:21 AM today, February 19, he said that he enquired about the condition of the nine injured with the doctors. And he expressed hope that let the dawn of today bring hope to the wounded co-staff.

Again today, February 20, Kamal had tweeted that he had faced and seen many accidents, but yesterday's loss of three co-staff and the suffering of their families are unbearable. 

Police are investigating at the shooting spot in EVP film city of the causes of the accident and they are currently searching the crane operator who is still missing since the time of the accident. Indian 2 is the sequel to Sankar –Kamal combo of Indian film released in 1996, which was a runaway hit.

Lyca, the production house of Indian 2 has just released its condolences note to the fallen technicians.

Indian 2 Shooting Spot Accident: Does Directed Shankar Injured Too?

We hope and wish with Kamal and the crew that the nine injured come out of the hospital safe and healthy.