YouTuber Irfan Baby Gender Reveal Video Controversy Detailed

Irfan Baby Gender Reveal Controversy
Irfan Baby Gender Reveal Controversy

Tamil YouTuber Irfan and his wife Alia revealed their baby's gender in a YouTube video on their official YouTube Channel Irfan's Views which created a lot of controversy. Tamil Nadu Health and Welfare Department is taking action against Irfan for publicly revealing the gender of his unborn child.

Irfan's View:

Irfan's View is a popular Tamil YouTube channel known for its food review content. The channel has gained a significant following during the lockdown, and Irfan now has around 4.28 million loyal subscribers.

He gained popularity on YouTube and began inviting well-known celebrities as guests on his show to discuss their upcoming movies. Irfan is also taking part in the highly anticipated show, "Cooku With Comali Season 5," as a cook.

What Is A Gender Reveal?

Gender Reveal is a common celebration in other countries. Basically, in this function, the baby's gender will be revealed by their parents in the presence of their friends and family. The countdown will be set and after the countdown, there will be a blast revealing a particular color blue or pink to the audience. In which, pink stands for girl and blue stands for boy.

Is Gender Reveal Legal In India?

In India, the Gender Reveal for a baby is not legal. The Indian Parliament passed the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act in 1994, also known as the Prohibition of Sex Selection Act. According to this act, parents are not allowed to ask for their baby's gender reveal, and doctors are prohibited from revealing the gender until the baby is born. Any such action is considered a crime and is against the law.

YouTuber Irfan Gender Reveal:

Irfan was married to Alia last year and she appeared in most of his YouTube videos. The happy couple announced the pregnancy on social media on April 26 quoting, "Our family is about to grow we are happy to announce that WE ARE PREGNANT Will we have a he? Or will we have a she? BTW I want a girl baby".

Recently, Irfan on his YouTube channel released a series of two videos about the gender reveal. In this first video, he visited the Dubai hospital with his wife Alia to reveal the baby's gender which is legal there. 

In a video, it was mentioned that baby gender reveals were not legal in India. This was due to the fact that in India, parents and relatives would sometimes harm or kill a baby if it was born as a girl. To address this issue, India introduced the Prohibition of Sex Selection Act in 1994.

Irfan further continues the video, showing Alia's wish to have a girl baby and adds that she will love the child whether it's a girl or boy. The video ends as the couple takes the result and returns to Chennai for the gender reveal party.

In the second video, the family was gathered for the gender reveal party and having the time of their life. The video turns into an emotional gender reveal with the family blessing the couple. Both videos were getting a good number of views on social media and in the comment section people wished the best for the couple.

As it was illegal to reveal gender in India, the Tamil Nadu Health and Welfare Department has taken action against Irfan for revealing their baby's gender. Though the test was taken in Dubai, the department strictly advised him to take down the video on YouTube and Irfan Views turned the gender reveal video private.