Is Akshara Reddy Being Disrespectful Inside The Bigg Boss House?

Bigg Boss Tamil 5
Bigg Boss Tamil 5

The Big Boss Season 5 show started with 18 contestants and has successfully completed ten weeks. Nominations for the Big Boss show are usually held weekly. But the Big Boss announced that the 11 who are currently in the running this week are also on this week's nomination list.

But daily tasks will be given to protect themselves from this nomination list. It has been said that the winners will withdraw from the nomination. Accordingly, the Big Boss task was to rank themselves one by ten in the first task. With a good effort, Ciby won the task and escaped from this week nomination.

Following the next task was held in the garden area. Other than Ciby rest of the contestants got onto the bus, and the obstacles were given By seeing Pizza Priyanka gets down from the bus. This was the scene that is going viral on Instagram and Twitter by the Priyanka fans. 

The hurdles were passed by smoke, water, chemical gas and even more. The contestants in the bus frowned and vomited. In this task, first Raju, then Sanjeev, Akshara, Pavni, Priyanka, Varun, Thamarai, Abhinay got off the bus. Amir and Niroop were the last two contestants inside the bus, but later Amir quit the game, and Niroop won the task. By this, Niroop won the task and escaped from the nomination process. 

Priyanka, Raju, Varun, Akshara, Thamarai, Amir, Sanjeev, Pavni Reddy and Abhinay are currently on the nomination list. In today's promo, the next task was projected. In it, there is a photo of the housemates on the Dice. The Big Boss announces that after scoring three buzzers, whichever face is above that person will be disqualified from the match. Accordingly, everyone was playing the task.

Then Raju climbs on the Dice and sits on top of it. Akshara got irritated by that and asked Raju, how can we play if you sit like this?. To which Raju jokingly says, "You don't play, just be", and there is a scene that comes where Akshara Reddy gets angry immediately. 

Then Akshara looked at Raju and shouted, do not talk to me, Raju swears in English that I will never talk to you again in my life after this. Seeing this, Priyanka says to speak in Tamil. Priyanka called Akshara and told her to speak respectfully. Thus the argument between Akshara and Priyanka takes place. 

In the last promo released, it was projected that Varun was comforting her where she tried to make him understand what he felt. After watching the promos, tweets are flowing, mentioning that Akshara is disrespectful and pouring words when she burst out of anger. Both supportive and against comments are dropping with the hashtag of Akshara.