Indian 2 Shooting Spot Accident: It was a Narrow Escape for Kamal Haasan and Kajal

Kamal Haasan / Representation Image
Kamal Haasan / Representation Image

Kamal Haasan helps Indian 2 families of fatalities with Rs.1 crore:

Indian 2 accident is one news firing up around the country's press and media today. Indian 2 team and production house soulfully regret the cause of fatality happened to the workers Chandran, Madhu, and Krishnan on the EVP film city sets in Chennai.

Kamal Haasan also said that the fallen crane would have also crushed him if he stayed in his tent for another few seconds. "I was just 10 seconds away, or someone will be delivering the speech instead of me now; I will be in the mortuary room as a fourth breathless person", Kamal Haasan opens up with a shivered tongue.

Ulaganagayan looks fully immersed in the sadness of the accident that occurred in the Indian 2 sets yesterday, February 19, 2020. Also, the all-rounder man addresses in a press meet stating about his monetary aid to the families of his co-workers who lost their lives.

The actor came up with the news a few hours back about his act of support to the suffering families with Rs.1 crore and also added that money never fulfills the families' pain and grievances. The amount announced is not a treatment for the accident, it's just a consolation for the family while their financial supporters handle such unpayable sufferings, affirms Kamal Haasan.

Makkal Needhi Maiyam leader plus the Indian cinema's leading actor humbly requested the whole unit of the film industry to take action against such emergencies right from the star to least level worker laboring in the sets of any film. He also petitioned himself and others to develop and help with an insurance plan for the staff and their families in case of such emergencies.

He genuinely regretted the accidental quest raised by the press personalities stating, "Accidents are common in daily life, and our high profile profession gains more reach via media when attacked like this."

"Today's accident is the most horrific of any accident. I miss losing three colleagues. More than my pain, the grief of the family who lost them will be manifold. I take part in their misery as one of them. My deepest sympathies to them," Kamal Haasan tweeted on his social page.

He also added that "I have spoken to doctors looking after the accident victims in the hospital. First aid was provided, and appropriate treatment works are carried out. Let us hope tonight to dawn with improvement in their health".