June 21 2024 Theatre Release Tamil Movie List

Movie Posters
Movie Posters

This week's movie releases fall under the genre of crime thriller and action. The movies with different storylines are expected to receive a good reception from the audiences.

Last week, the Maharaja movie starring Vijay Sethupathi was released in theatres and received positive reviews from audiences. In this case, the movie Laandhar with an intriguing trailer turns out to be an expected film among this week's movie releases.

Tamil Movie Releases:

  • Laandhar
  • Rail
  • Baayamariya Brammai


Laandhar is an upcoming psycho-thriller movie which is set to release on June 21. The movie trailer shows the life of a policeman (Vidaarth) who is handling a psycho-killer case.

The killer in the trailer is seen as a masked man with weapons trying to attack the weapons. Following the gripping thriller plot, the trailer also shows Vidaarth's love life with his wife. 

The trailer hints at the idea that Vidaarth's wife also went missing and the psycho killer must have kidnapped her. Will Vidaarth be able to solve the case and rescue his wife? Who is the serial killer? is the rest of the plot.

The psycho-thriller movies intrigue the audiences with the gripping plot which keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats with the mystery who is the killer? and makes the audience guess and suspect the characters in the movie throughout the movie until the killer is revealed. So, the expectations for the Laandhar movie increased with the genre.

Laandhar Cast And Crew:

The psycho-thriller movie Laandhar stars Vidaarth, Swetha Dorathy, Vibin, Sahana, Pasupathi Raj, and Gajaraj. The movie was written and directed by Sajisaleem. For this movie, Vidaarth and Saji join hands again, after their last work together, Vidiyum Varai Kaathiru. 

The movie composer for the film is M.S.Prraveen while the movie was produced by Shri Vishnu under the banner M Cinema Production.


Rail is an upcoming Tamil movie that is set to release in theatres on June 21. The Rail movie speaks about racism built in the main lead character against a North Indian.

The movie is set in a town in Tamil Nadu and the film introduces the characters Muthiah (Kungumaraj Muthusamy) and his wife Chellamma (Vairamala). In this movie, Muthiah is an electrician and an alcoholic, and  Chellamma rents a small portion of her house to a North Indian Sunil. Muthiah started to dislike the person because his from the north.

The movie details the clashes and mentality of the people to have other state people in their native. Originally, the movie was titled 'Vadakkan' and later, the name was changed to Rail. 

Vadakkan was a name used by the people to refer to the North Indians and recently the term is used to offend or bully the North Indians on social media platforms and in general.

The film explores North Indian life in Tamil Nadu and an enraged native person and his reasons for hating the North Indians. The movie Rail is expected to deliver a positive message and create a good impact after watching the movie. 

Rail Movie Cast And Crew:

Rail movie features Kungumaraj Muthusamy, Vairamala, Ramesh Vaidya, Parvez Mehru, Shamira, Kodchadaisendhil, Vairam Patti, Pindu, and Vandana. The movie was directed by  Bhaskar Sakthi and produced by M.Vediyappan. The music director for the movie is S.J.Jananiy. 

Baayamariya Brammai:

Baayamariya Brammai movie is an upcoming movie based on the concept of revenge which is set to release in theatres on June 21. The teaser and trailer of the film set up an intriguing narrative about the protagonist's life with intense emotions and actions. The trailer tries to raise the question, Will killing your enemy or problematic person solve your problems? 

The teaser focused on the protagonists feeling the urge to seek revenge or justice by considering killing someone who had caused them misery. This setup likely created suspense and hinted at the darker themes of the film.

On the other hand, the trailer seems to have shifted focus to the aftermath of these actions. This movie is expected to show the reflection on the consequences of the main lead and explore themes of guilt, regret, and complexity under extreme circumstances. 

Baayamariya Brammai Cast And Crew:

Baayamariya Brammai movie cast includes JD, Guru Somasundaram, Harish Uthaman, John Vijay, Vinoth Sagar, Sai Priyanka, Vishwanth, Harish, Jack Robin, AK, and Divya Ganesh. The movie was written and directed by Rahul Kabali. The music composer for the movie is Krishna Kumar well-known as K and the movie was produced by 69MMFILM.

Action And Crime Movies:

Nowadays, action and bloodshed crime movies attract the audience more than light movies. In this case, crime and action movies turned into the priority among the actors and producers. So, recently most movies are released under the genre crime and actions.

Watch the new movie in theatres with better audio and video quality and avoid watching movies on piracy websites which is a crime.