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Kaathal The Core Malayalam Full Movie In Theaters - Review

Kaathal The Core

Kaathal The Core Malayalam movie directed by Joe Baby, is released in theatres today and is releasing a wide range of positive comments. 

Kaathal The Core Story:

The movie is about the understanding and love between the husband and the wife. It is an absolute family movie, which gives a good feel. Mammootty has played the role of George in this film. Suddenly, his wife, Jyotika, demands a divorce. Jyothika blames Mammootty for being gay. The rest of the story is Kadhal - The Core is how George recovers from these confusions.

Kaathal The Core Review:

Not only Mammootty fans but also neutral movie lovers are stunned by the movie concept because the role played by the lead actor Mammooty is very controversial. Kaathal The Core gives the viewers a good emotional connection and a good message to the generation.

The movie's first half will be confusing as we cannot relate to what is happening on screen, but the audience will get into roles in the second half. The last 30 minutes of the movie are gripping, and the scenes will make the audience cry. The music is well-fused with the movie and stands as the backbone of the entire movie.

The directing is outstanding, and one must have the courage to direct a movie with this content. The subject of this Kaathal, The Core, must be known to everyone. The LGBT Community will well receive this movie without any doubt.

The film is said to have been banned in Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates due to its pro-gay stance. Netizens praise the bold exploration of human complexities, relationships and social benchmarks. All the characters in the movie have done justice to their roles, and it is hard to find flaws in acting.

Kaathal The Core Cast:

Kaathal The Core stars Mammootty, Jyothika, Joji John, Jisshu Sengupta and Muthumani. The movie is directed by Jeo Baby, written by Adarsh Sukumaran and Paulson Skaria and produced by Mammootty Kampany.

Watch Kaathal The Core movie with family and friends in theatres to experience good sound and visuals.