Kabir Singh Dominates North American Box Office with Growing Numbers

Kabir Singh US Box Office
Kabir Singh US Box Office

Bollywood's current sensation, Kabir Singh is showing some explosives in the worldwide box office. Despite getting bashed by the North Indian critics, the film emerged as people's favorite and growing each day at the box office. The US box office along with Canada is not an exception for the film's gigantic box office figures.

The film opened with $214,664 on the opening day followed by similar numbers for the Day 2 and Day 3. Kabir Singh collected 6 digit numbers consecutively in the North American box office. 9 Days Box office of the stands at $1,590,361 [₹10.96Cr] which already gives the film, a hit verdict.

At this pace, Kabir Singh will touch the $2 million mark by the end of the third weekend and will further won't stop. The Indian box office is flying high for Kabir Singh and it made more than 180 crores at the end of second weekend and racing towards the top spot at the domestic box office this year.

Premier + Day 1 - $214,664
Day 1 - $241,413
Day 2 - $218,362 
Day 3 - $106,047 
Day 4 - $142,835 
Day 5 - $105,380  
Day 6 - $88,838
Day 7 - $133,295 
Day 8 - $182,371 
Day 9 - $157,664