Kabzaa Movie Review: More Similarities With KGF?

Kabzaa Movie
Kabzaa Movie

After a 'KGF' emerged from the Kannada film industry and became a huge success, some Kannada films are being made similarly. Kabzaa movie is one similar movie.

The story of Kabzaa begins in 1945 and then takes place in 1971. Upendra, the son of a freedom fighter, returns to his hometown after completing his training in the Air Force before leaving for duty. 

Starting from Amarapura, where he lives, the people from Bahadur's empire could not come to power after the freedom struggle. Meanwhile, the election is announced.

Khalil Simha is a dream come true for Bahadur Samraj in the Amarapuram constituency. Khalil's son is planning to join in the election and is brought from abroad. But unexpectedly, Khalil's son is killed by Upendra's brother. Infuriated by this, Khalil kills Upendra's brother as revenge. 

 The blood splatter tells how Upendra, the son of a freedom fighter, becomes a gangster king who takes revenge for his brother's death. What happens after that is the story of the film.

Upendra's action performance is present in this film as well. Shreya has acted well as Upendra's girlfriend. She arrives beautiful and leaves with a beautiful demeanour. All the characters have done justice to their character.

The most notable negative of the movie is that there are many reflections of KGF. From music and cinematography to screenplay, there are many similarities to KGF. Other than this, the movie is a good watch. The audience who watched the movie is excited fot part 2.