Kaduva Full Movie Review Starring Prithviraj And Vivek Oberoi

Prithviraj In Kaduva
Prithviraj In Kaduva

The Kaduva movie's online plot is the conflict between the farmer Kaduvakunnel Kuriyachan and the politically powerful IG Joseph Chandy. Kaduva movie is released in theatres in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and Kannada languages.

The story takes place in the 90s. Prithviraj is projected as a rich farmer with a car, bungalow and estate. Joseph Chandy (Vivek Oberoi), an IG with a political background in the same area, also knows each other. A conflict erupts between the two over the issue of giving a piano to a church in their area. 

As the conflict escalates over time, Kariyachan is hunted down by a powerful force. In the end, how he responds to the harm caused to him is the movie Kaduva.

Shaji Kailash has directed the film Kaduva. He is a popular Malayalam director and has directed Tamil movies as well. After almost eight years, 'Katuva' was produced in Malayalam under his direction. Although it has come out as a moss movie, it loses the concept of reality, and it looks mostly artificial. It looks like the director has taken complete cinematic liberty.

The first half of the movie Kaduva has few mass scenes, but the second half is most predictable and artificial. When it comes to the positive of the movie, it is a mass Revenge movie, and all the characters have done justice to their role. Cinematography and Music must be given special credits.

The film Kaduva was jointly produced by Supriya Menon of Prithviraj Productions and Listin Stephen of Magic Frames, with the latter also serving as distributor. Jakes Bejoy composed the film's original songs and background score. Abinandhan Ramanujam has well-handled the cinematography.

Kaduva movie stars Prithviraj, Vivek Oberoi, Samyuktha Menon, Aarish Anoop, Rahmath, Vriddhi Vishal, Reenu Mathews, Arjun Ashokan, Alencier Ley Lopez, Baiju Santosh, Aju Varghese and many others.